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Pharma Check Weigher

Pharmaceutical production lines employ checkweighers designed to provide highest weighing accuracy and repeatability.  A checkweigher pushes manufacturing efficiencies and delivers real-time data on your process, product completeness and trends. Manufacturers can be sure that they are offering products which fully comply with cGMPs and regulations worldwide.

The Mettler Toledo Garvens modular checkweighing design allows printing, optical verification and tamper-evident labeling equipment to be integrated into a compact checkweigher/serialization solution. The efficient printing of a unique series of digits, data matrix codes or barcodes provides Track & Trace capabilities to meet current and future legal requirements. Tamper-evident adhesive labels are applied for maximum product safety, consumer and brand protection.

Following the pharmaceutical production process, the secondary and sometimes tertiary packaging of products needs to be checked for completeness, too. Again a checkweigher provides a checkpoint for 100% of cartons and boxes at the end of the packaging line.